Bang! Bang!

I am currently working on a two player game for the ipad called, Bang! Bang!. This is the first working version of the app, with most of initially planned features completed. These are a few screenshots of the game looks like right now:


Nervous Polygon

The image pretty much sums up what is happening here. Scroll down further to see the sketch in action. //Info: http://processingjs.org/reference import processing.pdf.*; int fillInfo = 255; int rectOp = 200; boolean randomStuff = true; boolean grid = false; boolean nodes = false; boolean skeleton = false; boolean infoOn = false; boolean strokey = false;

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self destructing drawings-01

Self Destructing Drawings

Try it out below, click and drag to draw something (takes a minute to load sometimes). //Info: http://processingjs.org/reference int angle = 0; int numBalls = 10000; Ball[] balls = new Ball[numBalls]; int count = 1; boolean test = false; void setup() { size(800, 800); smooth(); for (int i = 0; i < numBalls; i++) {

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Interactive 404 Error Page

Considering this blog is a place for me to explore generative art, I thought it would be apt to use a processing.js sketch for the 404 Error page. The sketch is based on the very basic example from the learning section of the processing.js website and is inspired by single cellular organisms. Processing JS WordPress

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Audio Analysis in Processing

Audio Analysis in Processing

Thanks to the wonderful Diana Lange I finally understand how to render audio generated sketches in full quality. The trick is to save all the audio analysis to a text file (one string per frame) and then load it again into your audio reactive pice. This prevents your audio and video going out of sync

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Arduino VGA Monitor Hack

Execution of the process is explained at little scale The max patch sends signals (audio) over serial to the arduino which in turn sends them into the VGA monitor. I later used a processing sketch instead of the max msp, in order to use beat detection. This setup was used in one of the firefox

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Arduino + Remote Controlled Car + Rotary Dialer

Tried out a few possibilities of connecting an arduino, a R/C car and a rotary dialer. First I used the remote of the toy-car to control a processing sketch via arduino. The right joy stick is used to select a bar and the left joy stick controls the size of the bar. The size of

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FFT and Beat Detection

This is where it all started, trying to figure out FFT analysis and beat detection with processing. I’ve found it more useful to use the ‘volume level’ of the song instead of values of individual frequencies. This piece of code scans through the various frequencies and picks the highest value. Creating audio generated visuals is

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This is just a short exercise to learn and try some new things in After-Effects. In case you are wondering, it’s the ‘Space Waltz’ scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey and music is by Pantha Du Prince.